OA @ the CUNY IT Conference

A few of us who have been involved with the Open Access @ CUNY movement were part of the 2011 CUNY IT Conference last Friday at John Jay College. Jill Cirasella and I joined CUNY library faculty members Kathleen Collins and Rhonda Johnson for the panel “Copyright, Fair Use and Open License Tools Online.” Kathleen and Rhonda did a great job presenting all of the resources available to the copyright-curious through the (C)OPYRIGHT @ CUNY website–a resource ripe with information for students, faculty and librarians about using copyrighted works in the classroom and academia at large.

Jill and I then talked a bit about licensing your own work outside the parameters of standard copyright. My presentation, “You Don’t Need My Permission: Freeing Scholarship by Hacking Copyright,” which can be seen here, ran through some of the basics of free licenses and why you might consider using one for your work. Jill’s presentation, “Going Open Doesn’t Mean Going It Alone: Tools to Help Make Your Content Open,” which can be viewed here, showcased a number of tools that can help navigate the waters of Open Access publishing.

We would love if these materials could reach a wider audience than just those who were able to make it to our talk, and the conference!