Next OA Meetup: March 26

Please join us for our next OA Meetup, Monday March 26 from 3-5pm in the Mina Rees Library, lower level.*

We plan to talk about open access textbooks, and we would love to have more students, staff members, faculty and interested members of the CUNY community join the conversation–please help us spread the word and invite your colleagues!


*Room C196.05 on the concourse level (the room is located at the back of the computer lab on the lower level of the library–folks should remember to bring CUNY ID and enter on the 1st floor, then go down a level and back into the corner of the floor).

“Take it. Break it. Share it. Love it.”

On Mad Men, Peggy’s pitch for Popsicle was “Take it. Break it. Share it. Love it.”  I say the same to you (well, whether you’ll love it is debatable) about this slideshow about open access scholarly publishing. I’ve presented variations of this slideshow (sometimes with the very awesome Maura Smale from City Tech, sometimes with the also awesome Margaret Smith from NYU, sometimes by myself) at a number of conferences and meetings, and now I present it to you to do whatever you’d like with it. Use it. Revise it. Share it. Decide you hate it and make something better.

(The slideshow didn’t entirely survive the migration to Slideshare.  To see everything properly formatted and to watch the xtranormal video on slide 3, go to the original Google Docs presentation at  Also, in the “Actions” menu, you can choose to create a copy of the slides or download the slides as a PPT or PDF file.)

As we spread the word about open access, we have to talk to a lot of people. Let’s not reinvent the wheel each time. If you have or know of any good materials for promoting open access, please post them in the comments!