Open Access Button: Do Not Go Gentle (into Lack of Access)

Open Access Button

Open access isn’t yet universal, but we’re (happily!) awash in resources that help readers find open access materials and help authors create open access materials: open access repositories, open access journals, Creative Commons licenses, etc.  But what about tools that help us understand all that is still not accessible?

Enter the Open Access Button, “a safe, easy to use browser bookmarklet that you can use to show the global effects of research paywalls — and to help get access to the research you need. Every time you hit a paywall blocking your research, click the button. Fill out a short form, add your experience to the map along with thousands of others. Then use our tools to search for access to papers, and spread the word with social media. Every person who uses the Open Access Button brings us closer to changing the system.”

Get the button and read more about the project at

And always remember: Use your library’s interlibrary loan service to request materials you don’t have access to!  So, after you register your frustration with the Open Access Button, go place an interlibrary loan request!


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