Thanks for a Great OA Week!

OA Panel

We had a fabulous panel on October 28 at the Graduate Center. I wanted to share a few links for the presentations that our panelists shared, and once again to thank everyone for coming out to this event as well as the other celebrations that were held throughout the week. We organizers were inspired by our discussions, and already are working hard on new projects and collaborations, in and outside of CUNY.

Matthew K Gold’s slideshow from October 28 can be viewed here, and more about the work of Trebor Scholz can be found at You can keep up with Radical Teacher at their website, and perhaps find more information about why Michael Mandiberg is critical of Open Access (he wants to touch, not just view) at his website.

How has Open Access Week affected you?

Open Access Week 2011 is here and it’s already made an impact in the library world at large as well as with CUNY librarians.

I’m looking forward to today’s Author’s Rights Event at Brooklyn College as well as tomorrow’s Open Access Scholarly Publishing as Thought and Action panel at the Graduate Center. But I had to miss a few of the other events that have been happening across the CUNY campuses. Therefore, I’m wondering: what are the things you’ll be taking away from Open Access Week 2011? How can we share what we’ve learned this week with the CUNY community and with other colleagues out in the wide world of academic publishing–and beyond?