CUNY OER Online Class

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Want to know more about Open Education Resources? The CUNY Office of Library Services has just the opportunity for you:

CUNY’s Office of Library Services is sponsoring an online workshop designed to provide an overview of Open Education Resources (OER) for CUNY faculty looking to integrate OER into their classes.

This class is made up of four modules, plus a final project. Each module is made up of readings, videos and discussions. Each workshop section will be comprised of no more than 20 participants in order to foster in intimate forum to share OER work and get feedback from colleagues and the facilitator. The goal is to finish the workshop with a better understanding of OER and also to come away with some work that can be immediately integrated into classes.
The workshops will be entirely on line and last for a two week period requiring approximately 10 hours of work. The activities and assignments can be completed on a flexible schedule during the time period. To be eligible for this workshop, applicants must be teaching faculty scheduled to teach in the spring 2015 semester. Department chair and Chief Academic Officer sign-off will be required. Faculty successfully completing the workshop will receive compensation of 10 hours at the non-teaching adjunct rate for participation.

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Questions? Please contact: Ann Fiddler at or 646-664-8060

Introduction to Open Education Resources: A 20-minute Course

Steve Ovadia, Web Services Librarian at LaGuardia Community College, created this resource that shows what an OER can look like while also providing an excellent introduction to Open Education Resources. The five module course covers topics such as finding and evaluating OER, using OER in the classroom, and creating your own OER. Introduction to Open Education Resources: A 20-minute Course was created using Canvas.

What are Open Educational Resources?

Open Educational Resources (OER) is a general term for learning resources that are free and web based. OER can be textbooks, online classes, or supplementary materials such as videos and websites. Teachers are encouraged to edit OER they find to fit the needs and focus of their course.

Why should you learn more about OER? Because if you supplement or replace your costly textbook with free OER you can save your students money. Using OER may also increase the chances that your students will acquire your course materials; the National Survey of Student Engagement reported in 2012 that 27% of first-year students and 34% of seniors “frequently did not purchase required academic materials due to their cost.”