Two Open Access Week Programs @ City Tech

The Ursula C. Schwerin Library @ City Tech is delighted to offer two events during Open Access Week this year.

Textbooks: Why is there a problem? What are some solutions?

What are the problems with textbooks? Why do students sometimes resist buying and reading them? How is the landscape of textbook publishing changing, and how can we take advantage of new strategies and platforms to ensure that our students have access to high quality curricular materials? Come to this Open Access Week workshop to learn more about open educational resources! You’ll hear from faculty across the college who use these materials in their courses, and learn more about library resources and support for open educational materials.

Wednesday, October 23, 1-2pm
Faculty Commons, Namm Building, Rm N227


Open Access Happy Hour: Open Access for the Arts

Using or producing creative works in online environments requires artists and scholars to work with a set of nuanced (and complicated) copyright, license, and use guidelines. Find out ways to use public domain and open access resources in your creative work, how open access advocates are working to protect the rights of artists in online environments, and how artists, technologists, and policy makers are working together to create avenues for sharing and collaboration in the information age. We’ll also discuss how content creators can license and share their own work.

Thursday, October 24, 4:00-5:30pm
Faculty Lounge, Atrium Building, Rm A632


Authors’ Rights Event @ City Tech, 10/23/12

The City Tech Library, in partnership with the Faculty Commons for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship, is pleased to announce a workshop in celebration of Open Access Week!

You Know What You Write, But Do You Know Your Rights?
Understanding and Protecting Your Rights as an Author

When you publish a journal article, you sign a copyright agreement. Do you know what you’re agreeing to when you sign it? How can you find out a journal’s policy? How can you negotiate your contract to make the most of your rights as a scholar, researcher, and author? Come enjoy wine & cheese with your colleagues at our Open Access Happy Hour and learn how to preserve your rights to reproduce, distribute, and display the work you create.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 23, from 5:30-7pm
WHERE: Rm A632, Faculty Lounge, City Tech

Space is limited! RSVP to Maura Smale at

(City Tech faculty have priority at this event, but other CUNY faculty are welcome to attend if there is space. Email to inquire.)

Open Access Week @ City Tech Library

Using Open Educational Materials in Your Courses

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Rm A543, City Tech Library (Atrium Building), City Tech

High-quality open access curricular materials are increasingly available online, and can provide an alternative to traditionally-published, high-priced textbooks. In this workshop we’ll discuss strategies for incorporating freely-available open access and public domain resources into your courses. Bring your syllabus or assignment and we will work together to add resources to your course website on Blackboard, the City Tech OpenLab, or other online platforms.

Coffee & cookies will be served.

Open Access Happy Hour: Your Rights as an Author

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Rm A632, Faculty Lounge (Atrium Building), City Tech

You know what you write, but do you know your rights? Copyright is a bundle of rights that apply to work you produce in any medium. How can you choose a publisher and negotiate your contracts to make the most of your rights as a scholar, researcher, author, and creator? Come enjoy wine & cheese with your colleagues and learn how to preserve your rights to reproduce, distribute, and display the work you create.

RSVP: Prof. Maura Smale,