Amherst College Press: The First Entirely Open Access University Press

Another bold open access move:

Amherst College is launching a new digital publishing venture that will offer peer-reviewed books written by leading scholars in the humanities and the social sciences that are then carefully edited and made available for free online.

Conceived by Amherst College Librarian Bryn Geffert, Amherst College Press will be housed in the college’s Frost Library and will solicit manuscripts from scholars who may be especially receptive to new publishing paradigms at a time when traditional academic presses are reducing the number of titles they publish.

“We will be the first university or college press to publish books solely under an open-access model,” said Geffert. “Although several university presses publish a few books each year under such a model, I do not know of another university press in the United States doing all books, all open-access.”

Geffert observed that the endeavor exemplifies the college’s motto, Terras Irradient, a Latin phrase that means “Let them give light to the world.”

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Bravo!  (As an Amherst alum, this especially warms my heart!)

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