Research Skills and Information Literacy Textbook

Research Strategies: Finding Your Way Through the Information Fog (2011), is a research skills and information literacy textbook written by William Badke, Associate Librarian at Trinity Western University and information literacy expert. Library faculty at City Tech use it as the sole textbook for the course LIB1201: Research and Documentation for the Information Age. (We supplement the book with readings from news and popular media as well as scholarly articles.)

The book is terrific: it’s written in accessible language for all levels of undergraduate students and includes both practical, skills-based instruction as well as discussion of the nuanced, critical thinking components of information production and use.

The print version of the book can be found for less than $20, and the ebook version (in PDF) for as little as $10; both can be purchased from Badke’s website. Badke also keeps an abridged version on his website that may be of use to those who don’t need the entire book:

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